AMake Rules, Dependencies and Commands

AMake understands all of the following rule syntaxes:

  • colon (:)
  • exclamation mark (!)

  • double colon (::)
  • static rule (use an easy pattern)
  • dynamic rule (use of an easy pattern)
  • multiple targets (use of several easy patterns)
  • suffixes rules
  • Commands are evaluated right before to be executed. That's when we will know whether each command starts with a meaningful character which could therefore come from a macro. The following is a list of these additional options:

    Character Comment
    @ don't display this line before to execute it; this is similar to the .SILENT attribute
    - don't check if an error is generated when this line was executed
    -<min><space> ignore error codes smaller than <min>
    -<min>.<max><space> ignore error codes defined between <min> and <max>
    + always execute this line, even in touch (--touch) or in no execution (--noexecution) modes; this is similar to the .RECURSIVE attribute
    ! repeat the command(s) which use the $(.OODATE) or $(.ALLSRC) variables
    (this is not implemented yet)

    AMake will rebuild the targets defined in a makefile script if those are defined as follow: