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Linux 2.x (RedHat, Debian, ...)
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AMake 2.10.20 is a file maker tool of its own. It also supports modes to be compatible to GNUmake, smake and pmake by SGI, smake by Joerg Shilling, SUN make, WatcomMake, and the POSIX make (called ANSII by mistake). All of that to the best of my knowledge. It has no BSD make compatible mode, however it will compile under FreeBSD as well.

AMake 2.10.20 wasn't created to replace any file maker, I started on this project because I didn't have any file maker on my Amiga. Only later GNUmake became available and worked pretty well.

The result is a file maker which includes many options (some of which are redondant) so it can be made compatible to many other file makers. Many of the options come from other file makers. However, a large number are specific to AMake 2.10.20. These offer a way to create incredibly small makefile scripts; scripts that are more powerful than script written for any other make tool. Two among the strongest are the extended AMake 2.10.20 patterns and the very large amount of special targets (or flags). The pattern rules and preprocessors are available in many other file maker. AMake 2.10.20 integrates many preprocessor options to enable system specific selections and to ease debugging (just check out the #echo command and enjoy the easiness with which you can check what you have in a variable without printing 1000+ pages of unreadable output first!).

A quick reference of options is available for those who want to know more about AMake 2.10.20 before to download the complete software.

AMake 2.10.20 is a copyright by its author Alexis Wilke.

AMake 2.10.20 is offered under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or any later version. AMake 2.10.20 is free software and can't be sold nor published in whole or in part. AMake 2.10.20 can be copied as long as all of the files in the original package remain present and the copyright notices are kept. A full copy of the license is available in the offered package in the file COPYING.

At this time, you can download a version which will compile under Linux, MS-DOS, and IRIX. It should also compile under SunOS and FreeBSD with minor changes. AMake 2.10.20 was written in ANSII C and should also compile under many other unix systems without much modifications.

AMake 2.10.20 can now be uploaded from SourceForge at the following address:

I have created some other projects that you can check out & download if you wish. These are listed below:

SSWF - a scripting utility used to create Flash movies in the background
Solitaire - a solitary game played by the computer to find out all the solutions

If you have any question, suggestion, comments, bug report, etc. please feel free to email me at

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